After a two month break

Here we go. Please read.

Remember their names.

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How do you explain how snow feels like to someone who has never seen it?

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To see life differently

To have a different perspective on life. To not always understand what people want or mean. To get frustrated because too much is happening at the same time. To solve long, mathematical problems in the head. To have great sense of details. To be the unsocial and a little odd one with the weird clothes and strange hairdo. When social commitments makes you tired. When going to parties in completely uninteresting. Make up, what is that? To have somewhat of an odd body language. To be a little “odd” without other people really being able to pinpoint why they think I’m odd.

For me it has a name. At 31, I finally found out why I am the way I am.

Asperger’s syndrome. That is what they tell me.


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What’s in a family?

What does that small and simple word mean?


It can be so much – or so little. It all depends on who you are asking.
It can be your biological family, or other people you may refer to as part of your family.

For me, I have my closest family that matters. My parents, my sister with her family and my kids. My more distant relatives – uncles, aunts, cousins and so forth – I have lost touch with a lot of them. I went through some rough years earlier in my life, and many of them (not all, I really want to point that out too) more or less “disappeared” around that time. It’s a bit sad, but it has really taught me which ones who care, and which ones that matter to me. Things happened between me and a relative, and I have more or less broken off contact with her, and sadly I became sort of the black sheep of the family because of it (because you are “not supposed to do that”). At least I have learned to not be so hasty in judging others, and to always try and listen to the whole story and all sides before speaking my mind. I have decided not to be bitter or upset about it, but to learn from it. Life goes on.

I have friends that means more to me than some of my relatives. It’s not politically correct to mention it, but that doesn’t make it less true. I am so happy and grateful for all the good people in my life.

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Neighbour’s dog…

…is barking. And barking. And barking.


Guess what?

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The girls have been in bed for a couple of hours now. I’m just enjoying the night with work and Cher.

I just gave the dog a bath, so he is not too happy with me right now. He does NOT like water. But mudddy dog who wants to sleep in my bed – well sorry, buddy, then a bath it is. Luckily he is easily bribed into forgiving me.

Time to watch a movie and then head to bed. Sleep tight, people.

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What a day.

We’re still alive. At home with sick kids. I will try and catch up on work tonight. See you later.

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