Am back.

Been 17 days since I last blogged. Shame on me.

Not much going on here. Keeping busy with work and writing. The girls are going to school/nursery. My oldest, who is six, just started school a month ago and she loves it. She feels like a big girl now, and she is. Learning how to read and gets frustrated that she doesn’t always get the words right, but she is trying. Soon she will break the secret reading code. My youngest, who is four, is also comfortable. Now that big sister has moved on from nursery school, she gets to take care of herself which has been good for her. A little bossy, stubborn and strong willed girl she is, but I think with time and the right focus that will benefit her in life. I am a proud mama.

It’s raining. Constantly. In a couple of months it will be snowing instead. Constantly. I miss summer.


About Jessica Sundling

I'm Jessica from Sweden. Born in the very hot (according to my then heavily pregnant mother) summer of 1981. Mother of two daughters, B (born in July 2006) and M (born in March 2008). Dog & cat owner, vegetarian and a liberal, both politically and socially. Writer, translator and student. The past's been difficult at times but the future is unwritten. Dream of living in the countryside, where I can grow my own food. Don't worry, I won't bite. At least not very hard.
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