To see life differently

To have a different perspective on life. To not always understand what people want or mean. To get frustrated because too much is happening at the same time. To solve long, mathematical problems in the head. To have great sense of details. To be the unsocial and a little odd one with the weird clothes and strange hairdo. When social commitments makes you tired. When going to parties in completely uninteresting. Make up, what is that? To have somewhat of an odd body language. To be a little “odd” without other people really being able to pinpoint why they think I’m odd.

For me it has a name. At 31, I finally found out why I am the way I am.

Asperger’s syndrome. That is what they tell me.



About Jessica Sundling

I'm Jessica from Sweden. Born in the very hot (according to my then heavily pregnant mother) summer of 1981. Mother of two daughters, B (born in July 2006) and M (born in March 2008). Dog & cat owner, vegetarian and a liberal, both politically and socially. Writer, translator and student. The past's been difficult at times but the future is unwritten. Dream of living in the countryside, where I can grow my own food. Don't worry, I won't bite. At least not very hard.
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