What a beautiful morning.

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It’s 7 p.m….

…and BOTH girls are sleeping. That doesn’t happen very often. My oldest likes to stay up at night. This means I have several hours to myself. Wow.

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Oh, right. My ex, the father of the girls, is having his birthday today.

No, I am not going to wish him a happy birthday.

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Am back.

Been 17 days since I last blogged. Shame on me.

Not much going on here. Keeping busy with work and writing. The girls are going to school/nursery. My oldest, who is six, just started school a month ago and she loves it. She feels like a big girl now, and she is. Learning how to read and gets frustrated that she doesn’t always get the words right, but she is trying. Soon she will break the secret reading code. My youngest, who is four, is also comfortable. Now that big sister has moved on from nursery school, she gets to take care of herself which has been good for her. A little bossy, stubborn and strong willed girl she is, but I think with time and the right focus that will benefit her in life. I am a proud mama.

It’s raining. Constantly. In a couple of months it will be snowing instead. Constantly. I miss summer.

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Why vegetarian?

Why not? 🙂

Well, to be serious and frank. I don’t see the need to eat meet. I don’t need it for nutrition. It’s expensive (at least here, it’s cheaper with fruit, vegetables etc). Andmostly, to me, it’s about ethical reaons – I don’t want to eat anything that had to suffer for me to have meat on my plate. Even if animals aren’t on the same intellectual level as you an me, they still feel the same kind of pain and anxiety. And if I can get the same nutritional value from other types of food – then why continue supporting the meat industry? Animals who were bread specifically for humans to eat, and that were never able to live a natural life or even to see the sunlight – it’s not a good or dignified life.

I’m not perfect in any way. I still eat eggs and dairy products, which also causes suffering for animals and is not something I’m too happy about. But one has to start somewhere.

And the kids? They eat mainly vegetarian with me at home, but eats the same food (yes meat and fish too) as everyone else in school, daycare, when the are out etc. Once they are old enough, they will make that decision on their own, when it comes to their food habits.

I could go on about this, because it’s something I feel strongly about. But I won’t. Use google and learn for yourselves, if you are interested.

Au revoir for now 🙂

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I don’t know

I don’t know how many times I’ve started a blog. At least five. I usually end up writing a few entries – three, four, five, maybe ten – then I kind of forget about it. I will see if I can keep it up.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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